Opening the Book

Please look over my shoulder. I could use an extra pair of eyes.

What’s this about an Open Book?

Last time, I shared with you that I’ve been working on on product marketing with a SAAS (software as a service) startup. One of the most exciting things about the project is just how early I’m able to come in and build out processes. But, as we discussed, it can be difficult to see in the dark.

But can you read in the dark?

There are many ways to move forward in the dark, and one of them is to share my work with you. I figure I could use an extra set of eyes and well… it’s just so much more fun when we do this stuff together.

So, in the spirit of sharing, I might as well start here: I’ve accepted a challenge to lead the product marketing effort at The team behind the startup is too excellent to pass up working with. It’s an awesome opportunity to work with an A+ product team and leaders with serious marketing chops.

I will share more about what is throughout this week. (I’d honestly love to get your feedback on how clear the home page is on what the software does or who you think it is for. Hit reply?)

I can’t write a book in the dark, so I’ll start opening up the book and showing my work thus far, and going forward.

So where will we start this story? This week, I’ll share some of my work so far.

For instance, the story behind the 10 episode season of the brand’s podcast that’ll be released Wednesday. We’ll talk about how that came together, and how we see it fitting into the overall lockstep between brand and demand.

If you know someone else you think might like to follow along as well, please do forward this email.

Share The Outlaws of Demand

You may ask yourself:

What will you be sharing?

I’ll be an open book! I’ll share my work as I go and just generally give you a look into how a B2B marketing operation for a startup works. Consider yourself my accountability partner as I put the frameworks (which I will still be sharing) I use in my work into practice. I’ll share the plans, successes, and failures alike so we can get to the bottom of what works and why.

Are you really going to share ‘Everything’?

Almost. Some numbers (or other necessary secrets) may be obfuscated or omitted for obvious reasons. The truth is that nothing in marketing or any creative endeavor is new. It’s all just a remix. So I’ll share as much as I can within reason.

Why should I care?

Situational case-studies can be helpful, but long term story is typically missing. Every company has a different journey in going-to-market. There are all different kinds of variables at play. Not least of which is timing. Following along with the story of one particular individual’s experience in a startup can be eye-opening regarding how to make similar decisions in the future.

How did I get here?

🎶 Musical Note: Same as it ever was.

Have feedback or thing I’m nuts? I’m ready for it. Hit me with a comment or reply.