In a world of infinite supply...

We must band together to break the laws of demand.

Welcome, Outlaws.

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Why join the Outlaws?

You need to have both a strong foundation in your work and also to understand the needs of the modern buyer. The technology, new buzzwords, and everything else (the news… don’t even get me started on the news!) just races by and it can seem impossible to keep up. Let alone, master the basics.

You are a modern marketer trying to do the best job you can. I am in the same boat. While I have been able to do a few things in this space, I am never done learning. So I am determined to learn as much as I can about sparking action with an audience.

I’m going to start learning and sharing everything with you. An open book, I am.

Apologies for the Yodaspeak.

So that’s what we will focus on here. Keeping you updated on what’s really going on with the world of demand generation, marketing ops, and the broader ecosystem.

You’ll learn from practitioners working in the field every day.

I asked about what kind of resources people might want and listened to what you said…

So we are “officially launching” November 1st, but there will be issues published in “warmup week”. So here it is what you’ll get.

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Saddle up & join the Outlaws

Together, we can beat the law of demand. Let’s curate and share the best strategies, tactics to help get work done with modern marketing.

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P.S. This is pretty much the mood around here… I’ll leave you with this.

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