Attention v. Conversion

I saw this tweet:

… And just like that, young McKay here inspired the title for the day’s newsletter.

I will give him one thing. Gaming algorithms can get you Attention. But there’s a lot more to AIDA than A.

You’re still going to need Interest, Desire, and Action.

A desire for attention is not a strategy.

I study the way platforms release features. They typically grant early adopters with unsustainable reach in the beginning. Understanding emerging algorithms is incredibly important for getting that attention.

There’s the sudden launch of the Stories format on all your favorite platforms, and if you’ve paid any attention to that, you’ve likely seen undue prominence placed on the format.

In my personal expierimentation, Twitter’s version of this has led to more DM’s than I’ve ever had on the platform before.

These DM’s have led to more relationship building, and in turn: doors open with more opportunities for wins.

But here’s the most important part.

Algorithms can deliver attention, but algorithms can not build trust OR deliver a good product.

But can they deliver recall? (That alone is a hill that’s often tough to climb.) Being remembered is a good thing, right?

Well, not if the subject can’t make the proper associations with you or your product.

It’s one thing to remember a gimmick or meme, or even who it was that shared it.

Gaining the interest of your future customers is another endeavor indeed.

What Bloom’s taxonomy teaches us is that remembering is not enough.

You have to move into understanding, and there’s a lot more we can do too.

This week , we are going to dig into how to use this educational model in your communication strategy to help go beyond recall and move into understanding and beyond.

Because if folks don’t understand what you are selling, all the attention marketing in the world can’t save the bottom line.

🎶 Musical Note: Thom Bell is known for producing incredible work with many bands, including this Spinners classic; but you may not know that he’s given all that up for another form of creativity now.

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