This season on The Outlaws of Demand, I’d like to tell you a little bit about the behind the scenes of my journey working in a new startup, and how…
Algorithms can deliver attention, but algorithms can not build trust OR deliver a good product.
Is your team mixing it up on social?
Is a non-responsive brand really there?
Has your brand fallen into it (and can it get out)? Every now and then there is the brand that looks like they are acting like a human, but not enough…
Inboxes > Landing Pages
Why do so many great ideas go to waste? In this issue, we’ll explore why we so often lose on things we really want to do; and what we can do about it.
Hall of Shame: Thanksgiving EditionY'all, I’ve gotten many emails over the last couple of days. MANY! Most are not great. In this comment thread, I’m going to be sharing some lear…
Sell the Product. Save the Quota.
Marketing is selling-long-distance. Marketing gets sales letters opened. Marketing gets sales meetings considered.Sales closes deals.
Sell the Framework. Save the World.
The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything